pvalue(test::HypothesisTest; tail=:both)

Compute the p-value for a given significance test.

If tail is :both (default), then the p-value for the two-sided test is returned. If tail is :left or :right, then a one-sided test is performed.

p-value for Fisher exact test

function pvalue(x::FisherExactTest; tail=:both, method=:central)

Compute the p-value for a given significance test. The one-sided p-values are based on Fisher’s non-central hypergeometric distribution \(f_\omega(i)\) with odd-ratio \(\omega\):

\[\begin{split}p_\omega^{(\text{left})} &=\sum_{i\leq a} f_\omega(i)\\ p_\omega^{(\text{right})} &=\sum_{i\geq a} f_\omega(i)\end{split}\]

For tail=:both, possible values for method are:

  • Central interval :central (default): This p-value is two times the minimum of the one-sided p-values.
  • Minimum likelihood interval :minlike: This p-value is computed by summing all tables with the same marginals that are equally or less probable:
\[\begin{split}p_\omega &=\sum_{f_\omega(i)\leq f_\omega(a)} f_\omega(i)\end{split}\]


Since the p-value is not necessarily unimodal, the corresponding confidence region might not be an interval.


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